Apple has updated its Safari web browser bringing with it a number of security and bug fixes.

Version 4.0.3 (for those keeping count) promises to also include "Stability improvements for webpages that use the HTML 5 video tag".

HTML 5 is a new web standard that allows you to watch video on a web page without the need for plug-ins like Adobe's Flash or Microsoft's Sliverlight.

Apple say the update also fixes an issue some users had logging into and a problem that some found caused web content to be displayed in greyscale instead of colour.

The 40.5MB install will require a restart, however is recommended for all users.

You can get the download via the Apple site or via the Software Updater within the Leopard OS.

The update comes less than a week after the company released the latest version of its Leopard OSX version 10.5.8.