Images of what are reportedly screenshots of iTunes 9 have turned up online on Tuesday, however talking to a number of imaging experts Pocket-lint believe they are fakes.

Apple might be about to release a new version of the music software complete with Blu-ray support and social networking elements, it's just a shame that these aren't them.

First image

1. In the first picture, the one that shows you the About iTunes information, on closer examination shows that smudging and cloning has occurred around the 9. Additionally the base curve of the 9 is unconventional with the font

2. Furthermore the 9 is higher than the T in iTunes, which is inconsistent with the current iTunes 8 version.

3. There is no shadow on the iTunes about me element

Second image

1. In the second image, which shows a element on the left hand navigation highlighted, there are a number of errors with this. Firstly in iTunes the words when highlighted with a blue bar are white not black.

2. again on closer inspection there is a white border around the edges of the logo suggesting it has been cropped from elsewhere.

3. In the picture the J.Lo page refers to "Tags:", however on the site always refers to "Tagged as:"

4. J.Lo's "Ain't It Funny" according to the screen grab has 6,982,126 plays, however on it claims only 156,080 plays from 54,521 listeners.

5. No mention of the amount of listeners on the image, which isn't in keeping with's data issued on the site.

6. No reference in the image to related tracks as on page, while similar artists aren't featured on, but strangely here in "iTunes 9"

Third image

1. In this image there are also errors. While the "Social" menu selection is plausible it is more likely just a playlist created by the creator. The icon is the same.

2. It also shows that words are highlighted in white not black as in image two.

3. above remains in a bold font face, which is inconsistent with other menu elements in the picture and within iTunes 8.

4. There are no elements in the social playlist suggesting whoever made the image didn't think to fill in all the gaps.

5. The small Facebook and Twitter icons again have white borders around them suggesting they've been cropped from another source

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