A Microsoft executive has revealed that Apple has attempted to make the company stop running its current "Laptop Hunters" advertising campaign.

During the Worldwide Partner Conference keynote, Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer, told attendees that Apple's legal department had been in touch.

Turner said: "And so we've been running these PC value ads. Just giving people saying, hey, what are you looking to spend? 'Oh, I'm looking to spend less than $1000'. Well we'll give you $1000. Go in and look and see what you can buy. And they come out and they just show them. Those are completely unscripted commercials".

"And you know why I know they're working? Because two weeks ago we got a call from the Apple legal department saying, hey - this is a true story - saying, 'Hey, you need to stop running those ads, we lowered our prices'. They took like $100 off or something. It was the greatest single phone call in the history that I've ever taken in business".

So has Microsoft taken into account the US price reduction for the MacBook? From Turner: "And so we're just going to keep running them and running them and running them".