The Apple faithful, or at least its stockholders, will be able to breath out a sigh of relief following the news from Apple that its biggest cheese, Steve Jobs, has returned from medical leave to steer the company once again.

“Steve is back to work”, said Steve Dowling, a spokesman at the Cupertino, California-based company, speaking with Bloomberg, before commenting that they were "very glad to have him back.”

The return of Jobs as promised, is likely to be a relief to stock holders who were, it seems, starting to get worried that the visionary wasn't at the helm.

The news follows reports earlier in the month that Steve Jobs had a liver transplant 2 months ago. In a bizarre turn of events the news, which was leaked out by the Wall Street Journal just days after the company had announced the sale of 1 million iPhone 3GS handsets, was actually confirmed by his doctor with his permission, rather than anything formally coming from Steve Jobs or Apple.

However, while earlier rumours have reported Jobs back on campus, according to Bloomberg, "Dowling declined to say whether Jobs is actually at the office today. He also declined to comment on Jobs’s liver transplant or whether the company will provide more information on the CEO’s health".

It is not sure though how long Steve Jobs will last in his position, with some experts suggesting that his reign at the company as CEO will be over shortly. Perhaps to take on a chairman or more "senior architect" role similar to Bill Gates at Microsoft, before he finally stepped down from the company last year.

We will keep you posted.