Apple has issued a 264MB software update for its OSX Leopard operating system on Tuesday.

The new 10.5.7 update which is recommend for all 10.5.6 users, according to Apple, promises to fix a number of issues including fixing security issues and adding overall performance and stability.

It appears no major new features have been added to the update.

A full list of what it does follows below:


*Includes latest security fixes.
*Includes additional RAW image support for several third-party cameras.
*Improves performance of video playback and cursor movements for recent Macs with NVIDIA graphics.
*Resolves an issue with Dvorak keyboard layout in Mac OS X 10.5.6.
*Improves the reliability and accuracy of Unit Converter, Stocks, Weather and Movies Dashboard widgets.
*Addresses a situation that may cause issues when logging into Gmail.
*Improves reliability when syncing contacts with Yahoo!.
*Expansion Slot Utility for Mac Pro now reports the correct PCIe slot configuration.
*Improves network performance when connected to certain Ethernet switches that have Flow Control enabled.
*Improves stability for network home directories hosted by Mac OS X Server v10.4.
*Improves Finder search results for network volumes that may not support Spotlight searching, such as Mac OS X Server v10.4, Time Capsule, and third-party AFP servers.
*Includes several improvements to Directory Service and Client Management, which are described in the About Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 Update article.


*Improves overall reliability with CalDav.
*Improves reliability when automatically syncing with MobileMe.


*Addresses reliability and sync issues with Notes.
*Addresses an issue that may cause the BCC field to populate incorrectly when redirecting a message from the Sent mailbox.

Parental Controls

*Improves consistency with Parental Controls and application restrictions.
*Addresses an issue in which time limits may not work properly with full-screen games and Fast User Switching.


*Resolves an issue that may cause certain third-party printers to print to the incorrect paper tray.
*Non-admin user accounts can now be allowed to add and remove printers by enabling Parental Controls and selecting "Can administer printers".
*Includes other printing reliability and stability improvements