Apple's next operating system is now rumoured for launch on 8 June.

The date for Snow Leopard's debut has been much talked up, with a first quarter, then 24 March and now an early summer launch mooted.

This latest diary date comes from the San Francisco event centre that Apple has booked for its developer conference for the last 2 years.

The Moscone Center has 6 June through to 12 June booked out only as a "corporate meeting", interpreted as an Apple event as it's around the same time that the company held its Worldwide Developers Conference.

The exact date of the 8th comes from speculation that Apple's opening keynote speech will be delivered on the Monday.

It's unlikely that Steve Jobs will deliver the address as his medical leave of absence is not due to finish until the end of the month.

When Apple first previewed Snow Leopard at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2008, it was stated only that Snow Leopard would ship "in about a year" from the announcement.