Boxee has made some exciting announcements at the CES show in Las Vegas, including news of interest to those in the UK.

Boxee, a new media player application, has added support for content from MTV Music and Joost - and for the UK - the BBC's iPlayer service.

With Boxee's private alpha going "well beyond" expectations with over 200,000 signed up, the company is opening up the alpha to all Mac, Ubuntu and Apple TV users with a coming-soon Windows version to be invite-only.

The company says in its blog: "BBC iPlayer (UK users only) - we could not ignore the calls from our London-based users for proper iPlayer support. it is a huge success in the UK (bigger than Hulu in the US), and it provides access to a huge selection of tv shows and radio in great quality. too bad it is only accessible from the UK.".

Other online video sites that Boxee already supports include YouTube, Netflix, CNN and Hulu.