Apple has announced a new version of its multimedia package iLife at the Macworld 2009 event in San Francisco.

iPhoto will get the ability to let you track faces and places rather than just storing them by date.

iMovie has also been updated with a new features that Schiller said would blow users away.

These include a precision editor feature, advanced drag and drop functionality including for audio, dynamics themes, animated maps and automatic stabilisation.

Elsewhere Apple is hoping users will sign up to GarageBand 09 and its ability to teach you how to play guitar and piano.

Giving away nine free lessons to start with Apple has signed big names like Norah Jones and Sting to help you learn to play musical instruments.

The lessons will cost $4.99 each. No UK pricing has been set as yet.

The software will come free with all new Macs and ship at the end of January