Greenpeace has offered its thoughts on Apple's new greener MacBooks.

Posted by "tomD" on Greenpeace's "Making Waves" blog, the campaigners note the devices have reduced toxics, are more energy efficient and use less packaging, but state Apple can still do more.

"All good news, but in our campaign for greener electronics we were looking for the new MacBooks to be the first computers completely free of toxic PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants (BFRs)."

Describing the changes as "not quite the breakthrough we were hoping for", Greenpeace says the new Apple notebooks now match Sony's Vaio's range for toxics reductions.

Steve Jobs said, at the launch event for the new Macs: "We think we're leading the industry with this ... arsenic free glass, BFR free, mercury free, PVC free, 37% smaller packaging. And for the first time, the MacBook Pro has earned an Epeat gold rating".

Greenpeace says Apple's improvements should ensure the company's score increases in the next version of the Guide to Greener Electronics.