At the Apple launch event for the company's new line of notebooks, credit for recent sales success of Macs - particularly in the US market - has been given in part to Microsoft's Vista operating system.

Chief operating officer Tim Cook gave some facts and figures for recent Mac sales, stating that Mac growth has beaten the market:

"If you look at the history, the Mac has outgrown the market for almost 4 years. There's been some key milestones along the way, like our transition to Intel, the Vista announcement and Leopard."

Stating that this growth is because Macs are "Superior computers - they're far superior to anything on the market", Cook also credits the sales rise to Microsoft:

"The next up is something we didn't do - Vista. I think it's fair to say Vista hasn't lived up to everything Microsoft hoped it would - and this has given us a door in."

A slide shown during the presentation read: "Better computers, better software, compatibility, Vista and marketing".