It seems the news wires are determined to kill off Steve Jobs. CNN has pulled a report from earlier today that said the Apple CEO has suffered a heart attack.

Apple has since categorically denied the report, but not before its stock price took a rapid tumble. Speculation about the exec's health worsening has been rife in recent months.

The story appeared on CNN’s citizen journalism website iReport and echoes the recent release of Steve Jobs' obituary via the Bloomberg news service a matter of weeks ago.

Although marked "hold for release" the wordy obit was sent out to thousands in August this year, prompting Jobs to joke about it on stage at the company's most recent media event.

The CNN report from today read: "Steve Jobs was rushed to the ER just a few hours ago after suffering a major heart attack. I have an insider who tells me that paramedics were called after Steve claimed to be suffering from severe chest pains and shortness of breath".