At the London press venue for the Apple "Let's Rock" special event, presumed to be the launch pad for new iPods, Apple revealed some Europe-specific statistics.

Pascal Cagni, the vice president of Europe for Apple, took to the stage before the Steve Jobs' keynote speech began and stated that the American computer company has seen a 45% year-on-year growth in Europe.

Apple's sales have grown from $5721 million in 2007 to £6231 million in 2008, Cagni said.

In addition, the European exec revealed that the company has sold 2 million Macs in Europe this year.

According to Apple's latest financial results, in Q3 2008, which covers April, May and June, Apple shipped 2,496,000 Mac computers and 11,011,000 iPods.

Meanwhile Steve Jobs has confirmed that users have downloaded 100 million applications for the iPod touch and iPhone across the globe.