Although the scheme has been running successfully in the States for sometime, with some US content available here, iTunes U has just received its full UK launch.

iTunes U utilises the iTunes store for colleges and universities to add learning and course content to for students to access anywhere.

Apple claims the service is "transforming learning in the classroom, outside the classroom, and where there's no classroom at all".

Users can search, download and play course content just like they do music, movies and TV shows.

iTunes U delivers 24/7 access to educational content that's accessible to anyone with a Mac or PC running the iTunes software, so although its primarily focused at actual students of the courses, anyone with a thirst for knowledge can access the materials.

As well as view content on computers, students can sync iTunes U content with any iPod or iPhone, "so they can go right on learning while they grab a meal, walk to class or work out at the gym".

Participating in the iTunes U are UK institutions like University College London, Trinity College Dublin and the Open University, with several more joining in the very near future.