As MysticGD introduced its Emotion FX game development software to the Mac this week, so it seems that Mac is gaining credibility as a gaming platform.

Electronic Arts has recently made the move to ship Mac games directly, rather than through key partners, and Apple has made no secret about the fact it is actively courting new relationships with key names in gaming.

The EMotion FX software that was introduced to the Mac is a widely used animation middleware tool for games developers. It was used in the development of Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online and Sony's Vanguard - Saga of Heroes.

The developers behind the software said it was released on Mac because of the growing popularity of Apple's computer platform. They say that while the Mac as a platform gets more and more market share, its gaming sector is getting stronger.

"We are pleased to support PowerPC and Intel-based Macs and are looking forward to work closely together with more Mac developers", said John van der Burg, development director of MysticGD.