They said it was probably too good to be true and it seems that Psystar's announcement at the beginning of the week that it would release a desktop PC with Apple's operating system on it could have been a hoax all along.

Why? Well some journalist digging first in The Guardian here in the UK and then Gizmodo in the US has unveiled that Psystar's company headquarters don't actually exist and that so far since the story broke it has changed company address three times around the same district in Miami.

The US company Psystar rose to fame at the beginning of the week by announcing it was to offer a computer called the "OpenMac" which has since been changed to "OpenComputer", which claims to be a Leopard compatible Mac built from standard PC parts that they are calling the "Apple alternative".

Describing the product as a cheaper and more expandable alternative to a true Apple Mac, many of the components can be upgraded further than Apple currently offers with its range of computers.

Apple has so far refused to comment, promoting some critics to believe it could be a publicity stunt by the computer maker, something that we very much doubt.