Hauppauge is going up against Apple with a collaboration with DivX.

The new rival to Apple TV is a device based on the DivX Connected platform that was first seen in the D-Link player Pocket-lint reviewed last year.

The player will enable consumers to deliver media from their PC and the Internet, including high-definition videos, directly to their TV in their living room.

Hauppauge, no stranger to connected under the television boxes (it's been doing it for years), will use the player to offer consumers streaming videos, photos and music stored on a local hard drive, consumers can access internet services and plug-ins showcasing a wide variety of content.

As with the D-Link model, users will get an open platform so anyone can use its developer API to create a plug-in for their favourite internet service.

The Hauppauge device is expected to be available in the second half of 2008, no price as yet, however with the news that DivX will be shutting its Stage6 content site, can it offer enough to compete?

Meanwhile in related news, Philips has announced it has extended its current agreement with DivX to include support for the format in certain products for a further 2 years.