Fox could be about to start shipping DVDs with iPod compatible versions on them for users to transfer onto an iPod as early as next week its been reported on the Internet., an Apple blog in the US, has had one of its readers email in pictures of a new feature on the latest Family Guy DVD due out on the 15 January.

The disc reportedly comes with an iPod-compatible version branded as a "Fox Digital Copy file" that allows you to legally import it into iTunes rather than use software packages like HandBrake.

However when tipster "Stewart" tried to do as the disc suggested he received a "requires iTunes version 7.6" notice, perporting to an yet to be released version of the iTunes software (it's currently at 7.5).

No official word as yet from Apple as to whether this feature as apart of a iTunes 7.6 update will be announced with Fox next week at Macworld in San Francisco, however it does tie in nicely with rumours on the web that Apple is to announce a movie rental service and partnership of some kind with Fox.

Pocket-lint will be reporting Apple's Keynote speech with Steve Jobs live as it happens on 15 January at 5:00pm GMT.

We will keep you posted.