A new TV ad for the iPod touch is based on a "fan commercial" created by 18-year-old British student Nick Haley.

Set to the song "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex" by CSS, the original clip showcases the device's music, video, photos, Safari, and iTunes abilities.

Nick Haley uploaded the video to YouTube, where it was seen by Apple marketing employees, who then got TBWA employees working on the Apple account to contact Haley.

TBWA emailed saying, "We represent Apple and we’ve seen what you have produced and we’d like a chat with you".

Nick Haley states that he was dubious at the time: "This seemed ridiculous and far-fetched. My initial reaction was, someone wanted to steal it".

The agency took Haley's idea and, in full collaboration with him, remade the spot in high-def with more polished editing.