It looks like Jerry just hit Tom on the head with a large frying pan, so to speak.

Apple's little cat and mouse game with the iPhone hackers just developed another twist, as thanks to work put in by the iPhone Dev Team, iPhoneSimFree, the for-profit group offering iPhone unlocks, has launched their 1.1.1 unlock.

The iPhone Dev Team were able to "jailbreak" the 1.1.1. system, info which is freely available, but for the average consumer, the iPhoneSimFree offering, although coming with a cost, will mean an easy way to "unbrick" those 1.1.1 updated phones.

In addition, and what is predicted to really tick Apple off, considering how proactive they've apparently been in stopping this from happening (with takedown notices issues to hackers), the iPod touch has been preliminarily hacked.

Why do we say preliminarily? Because it's not a solution as yet suitable for general consumer consumption, but the hackers have got Mail, Maps, and other third party apps running on their jailbreaked touchs, so it likely won't be long before a how-to for dummies is posted online...