With the new range of iPods came an unwelcome surprise for Linux users - Apple had effectively "blocked" open-source iPod management tools from working with the new devices.

Although the vast majority of people who buy iPods are happy to use iTunes to manage their digital content and playlists some Windows user prefer Winamp to Apple's software solution.

This change affected all Linux users too, who, as there is no version of iTunes for the Linux OS, use tools like gtkpod and Rhythmbox to get their tunes on their 'pods.

However, it was only a matter of days before crack Linux experts have worked out and published a workaround, according to the ipodminusitunes blog: "Thanks to some inspired work by a few heroes, we've managed to work out how to get everything working again".

The blog states: "Let's all hope that (if they haven't already from the iPhone unlocking) Apple learn that fighting against us is pointless. It's a waste of their time if the open source crowd is going to get past it in just a weekend".