In what appears to be a recycle of the story we covered earlier this year but with a tabloid twist, the New York Post has stated that:

"Apple has been secretly plotting its foray into portable video games for months, looking to add games to its hot iPhone, according to various on- and off-the-record sources."

The paper suggests that Apple will go head to head against Nintendo, the current market leaders for innovate handheld gaming, describing it as a potential "Clash of the Titans".

Earlier this year (back before the iPhone had launched in fact) we reported that Apple was rumoured to be working with, rather than against, Nintendo for games downloads for the iPhone.

Sources then predicted that these exclusive games would apparently be released via the iTunes Store at $29.00 each in the months following the iPhone's launch.

Back before any hands-on reports had been published about the iPhone's touchscreen we expressed concern about the touch format for gaming (oh, pre-iPhone days - the ignorance, the speculation, the nostalgia):

"We're not sure how gaming will work on the iPhone, what with it having no keypad or d-pad an' all but Nintendo are no strangers to the touchscreen so we feel sure they'll make it good."

We will keep you informed...