Apple has released three flash based widgets that will allow you to share your iTunes music with others.

Although you won't be able to actually share music files, the company behind the world's biggest music store has released three applications, perhaps inspired by the success of widgets for the iPhone.

The new applications let web savvy music fans promote music through social networking websites such as Facebook or MySpace, or even their own blogs and websites.

The three apps available, that go under the name of My iTunes, offer users tools to publish information about iTunes purchases, reviews or favourite artists.

The tools are web widgets which users add to their pages.
To get the new tools users can simply visit the iTunes Store.

Users can choose from My iTunes Purchases; a widget tracks your most recently purchased music, music videos, TV shows and films.

My iTunes Reviews; a widget that tracks any music or video you have assigned a four or five star rating too on iTunes.

There is also My iTunes Favorites; an app that shows the artists you have bought the most music from in the store.

The applications are free to download and come with five pre-designed themes to hopefully suit your blog design.