Today at the Apple press event in Cupertino, after launching a new range of iMacs and iLife '08 Steve Jobs moved onto iWork '08.

Jobs stated: "I'm very pleased to announce we've sold 1.8 million copies to date".

iWork contains a suite of office software including Keynote, Pages and a move into the boring world of spreadsheets; Numbers.

The new iWork '08 offers a new version of Keynote that boasts new themes, new text effects and new transitions.

The Instant Alpha feature now lets you make "high production value animations" by using part of a photo. Jobs described these as "A to B animations".

Pages has been updated - it used to be primarily used for page layouts, but apparently, listening to customer demand, Apple has introduced a word processor mode.

There are 140 Apple designed templates now included and documents created are compatible with Microsoft Word.

Numbers, the spreadsheet application has been done in the style of Keynote and Pages.

There's all kinds of clever numerical updates to this offering, and it gets a graphics update too letting you create all kinds of charts and import pictures.

iWork '08 will be $79, or £55 in the UK, available now.