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(Pocket-lint) - Steve Jobs fired a quick dig at Microsoft Vista today with the announcement that the company's next operating system codenamed Leopard and due out in October would cost $129 for the Basic version, $129 for the Premium version, $129 Business version, $129 for the Enterprise version and $129 for the Ultimate version.

The announcement, which played on the fact there are numerous versions of Windows Vista, came as the CEO of the company announced that its Safari web browser would soon be available on Windows.

"I'm going to have to change computers here ... this is going to be odd", quipped Jobs as he demoed the new version of the browser.

Apple hopes the new version will allow it to grow its rather poor browser marketshare, Apple has 4.9% compared to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox 93% command of the market.

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Apple, who will make the software available for free to Windows PC users, claim the software is four times faster than Internet Explorer 5.2.3 and twice as fast as Firefox 1.0.2, but have so far failed to give details of how the browser compares to the latest editions of both Firefox and IE.

The public beta of Safari 3 is being released today as a free download for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Writing by Stuart Miles.