Apple has stunned audiences and die-hard PC gaming fans by suggesting it wants to be the new next-gen console of choice for gamers.

Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, made the announcement at the WWDC keynote speech in San Francisco before running through a number of key features of the company's new operating system which is due out in October.

Apple has turned to EA to lead the assault in convincing gamers that Apple will offer much more than the PC alternative.

The company has announced that it will be releasing a series of games for the platform starting from next month including Command and Conquer 3, Battlefield 2142, Need For Speed Carbon, and the latest Harry Potter title.

EA CCO and co-founder of EA is citing the move due to more and more people using the Apple OS and wanting games: "We're seeing technologies move to Mac ... what do they all want ... they want to see games ... we're going to rectify that".

EA has also confirmed that Madden 08, Tiger Woods 08 coming to the Apple platform later in the year.

Gaming company iD, famous for Doom, has also announced it will be developing titles for the Apple OS and showed off a new title currently in development.

The game, which will be shown in more detail at E3 will be released on the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 - and Mac.

We will keep you posted.