Apple premium resellers across the UK from Bournemouth to Leeds will be hosting a variety of workshop type events over the next few months to help Mac users get more from their Mac experience.

The publicised events take two different directions, primarily music and photography. Some events will showcases iLife and all its many facets and features, others will focus in on music, and not just in relation to the iPod. There will be demos of ring-tone composition and making movie soundtracks. The photo events are designed for the creative photographer, entitled "Shoot Like a Pro with Aperture" (the professional photo management application) you are invited to discover how Aperture integrates with the latest digital SLR cameras and photo-editing tools like Photoshop, get the latest supercharged tips and tricks from the experts, and learn some useful techniques.

Some premium resellers have taken the idea a step further and are trying to convert the great unwashed from being PC automatons to free-thinking Mac lovers. Under the "Saving Souls" campaign banner thought up by premium reseller solutions inc., current Mac users are being invited to bring Windows PC-using friends in from the dark side to have their eyes opened (not forcibly, we shouldn't think) to the wonders of Apple Macintosh.

We're obviously PC/Mac neutral here at, happy to see the benefits that the different systems offer, but can’t quite imagine PC aficionados arranging something similar…

Follow the link below to the Apple site with a schedule of events.