Steve Jobs has written about his plans to turn the company green with key stages already in place.

Effectively, Apple plans to change its screens and eliminate CRTs which it has started to do since mid-2006. The CEO announced that LED displays are to be introduced to replace LCD flatscreens this year.

This is a response to environmentalist groups, and a step in the green direction for Apple to completely eliminate the use of arsenic in all of its displays, and stop using polyvinyl chloride and brominates flame retardants in its products by the end of 2008.

The company will be expanding its iPod-recycling scheme that has offered customers a 10% discount on a new iPod when they return their old one. This means Apple taking back unwanted iPod digital media players free of charge for environmentally friendly disposal.

Steve Jobs points out that Dell, Gateway, HP and Lenovo continue to ship CRT displays, displays which carry approximately 3-pounds of poisonous lead in every unit.

Jobs wrote. "I was surprised to learn that in many cases Apple is ahead of, or will soon be ahead of, most of its competitors in these areas".