Steve Jobs will be kicking off Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2007 where the company will show its Mac OS X Leopard and prepare for testing.

The 5-day event in June will unveil the feature packed complete version of the new leopard software and give attendees the opportunity to take home a beta copy to test. Apple has suggested that Leopard will be available by October, which gives a few last minutes tests.

More than 150 labs and session shave been organised between June 11 and 15 to thoroughly test and get the most from Leopard, which delays and problems have been discussed for sometime. The conference will also help introduce developers unfamiliar with Mac technology to learn the OS and features, especially the integration of animation, motion graphics, video, rich-media and web-based content into their applications.

There are tickets available if you have $1595 (US), for the 5-day conference.