PC Pro magazine looking for some coverage has slammed Apple for its latest batch of "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" adverts citing that they are laughably inaccurate.

The magazine, which in this month's issue has given 32 reasons why PCs are superior to Macs, fails to mention that it gave Apple's Mac Pro desktop model top marks just a couple of months ago as one eagle eyed reader pointed out to Pocket-lint.

PC Pro reviewer David Fearon at the time said: "Beautifully engineered and constructed the Mac Pro is also the fastest PC we've ever seen by some margin," while finishing up saying "It's a shame the pure-Windows world can't come up with anything as well integrated as the Mac Pro".

Meanwhile back in the present and Tim Danton, editor of the magazine says "We're here to provide a defence against the tidal wave of Apple propaganda, PCs have numerous advantages over Macs for both consumers and businesses, but that's hardly surprising when you consider that Apple recently admitted it's more concerned with fine-tuning its iPhone than working on its latest operating system."

The magazine also fails to mention that in February's edition, Dave Stevenson's iMac review scored 5/6 stars:

"When it comes to sheer wow-factor, the iMac impresses on a number of fronts. As an example of integration and design it's streets ahead of any Windows PC we've seen. But it's the price that impresses as much as anything. Sony's VGC-LA1 is the closest the PC market can offer at the moment and that currently costs £1276 exc. VAT. The iMac has a higher resolution screen that's 5in larger and still comes out cheaper at £1148."

Sounds like PC Pro is their own Apple advert - a little confused.