Apple may charge Mac OS X Tiger users for the final release version of Boot Camp when it's released this Spring.

Boot Camp is still in beta, version 1.1.2, and lets Mac users run Windows in parallel on their computers.

At the moment it's available for free download, but blog MacScoop is reporting that Apple will charge $29 for Tiger users, while the application will be included in Mac OS X Leopard, so Tiger users who upgrade will get Boot Camp thrown in.

Boot Camp, like rival third-party software Parallels Desktop, requires that you have your own copy of Microsoft Windows to load on to your Mac.

It lets you switch between the two operating systems at startup; you simply hold down the option key and choose between the two. This was made possible once Apple started using Intel chips.

Apple has recently announced that it will have to charge a nominal fee to activate the 802.11n wireless chip in its latest computers.