Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Luxpro is suing Apple for $100 million in damages after a court case to stop production of its Shuffle-esque MP3 players was overturned.

Apple took Luxpro to court alleging that the company had copied the design of the Shuffle. Although Apple won an injunction to stop Luxpro producing its version, the Taiwanese High Court later overturned the ruling.

Now Luxpro wants Apple to pay for lost revenues.

The Taiwanese courts said that Luxpro's player was “significantly dissimilar” to the Shuffle – we've included a shot of the player so you can judge for yourself.

Luxpro's chairman told the Financial Times that he wanted payment for lost revenues, and that the company is selling its “Super Tangent” players in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Luxpro's latest players have a screen slapped on to them, although they still have the form factor of the Shuffle.