DVD Jon is hitting the news headlines once again, this time having found a backer to licence the code he has created allowing iTunes music to play on other devices and gives iPod users access to other music stores.

The code, which could become available to consumers as soon as January next year means that competing download stores would be able to make their encrypted content compatible with the iPod.

The news is likely to be welcomed by Apple's rivals looking to cut into the company's enormous share of the digital music market

Apple currently commands an 88% share of legal song downloads, while iPods are the number one MP3 player over rivals such as Creative and Microsoft with its newly launched Zune player.

Monique Farantzos from DoubleTwist who has hired DVD Jon said DoubleTwist is seeking prospective buyers for the technology.

RealNetworks tried something similar in the past however Apple managed to rework its software to stop the software from working. DoubleTwists believe that due to approaching the issue in a different way, the same won't be possible with its application.