Global ubercafe company Starbucks now has its own special section on the US iTunes Store.

The Starbucks Hear Music catalogue is now available through iTunes. The tracks are what you hear playing distantly in Starbucks outlets around the world. Hear Music titles are stocked in many Starbucks, and showcase classic tunes as well as newer artists.

Series available for download include Artist Choice, Opus Collections, and Debut Series. They’ll appear in a special Starbucks Entertainment area in iTunes.

"Millions of people enjoy the great music featured at Starbucks locations worldwide, and ask us for it by name", said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of iTunes. "Starbucks Hear Music has been a hit with music fans and we're thrilled to add a Starbucks area to iTunes with all this great music online for the first time."

And for those of you keeping track, Apple’s iTunes Store now contains 3.5 million songs, 65,000 podcasts, 20,000 audiobooks, over 5000 music vids and 220 TV shows (but only in America).