Apple is taking a hard line with its employees and sacking those who have obtained releases of Leopard distributed to developers.

According to one report, at least five employees at Apple retail stores have been give the boot after they were overheard discussing their illegal copies; apparently, “dozens” more face the same fate.

One of the fired employees told Think Secret, “All of us know that we violated our NDA and ethics policy. Therefore, because we had the character to tell the truth and to face the consequences of our actions, we were terminated".

“My only question is, if we all lied and denied it, would we still be working at Apple today? Even more so, is that the kind of person that Apple wants working for them?”

It’s not known if the employees shared the copies, or if they obtained them from different sources, which would not have been difficult as several bittorrent sites had it available on P2P file sharing networks.

However, some sites have apparently been deleting Leopard torrents, presumably as a result of pressure from Apple.


Think Secret