It seems like only yesterday (it was actually on the 7 February) when Apple laid down the gauntlet to sell 1 billion tracks through its iTunes store; 16 days later and the company has already achieved its goal.

According to the company, music lovers in 21 countries around the globe have purchased one billion songs from the iTunes Music Store.

At that time, Apple had sold 950,916,584 meaning the company has sold over 49,083,416 in that time. This amounts to 3,067,713.5 a day or 127,822 an hour or a jaw dropping 2,130 tracks every minute.

The billionth song "Speed of Sound" was purchased as part of Coldplay's X&Y album by Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan. He has won a new 20-inch iMac, 10 60GB iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes Music Card to jumpstart their digital music collection.

Apple also awards prizes for every 100,000th song that was downloaded. Those winners won a black 4GB iPod nano and a $100 iTunes Music Card.