The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is now closed and that can only mean one thing. MacWorld 2006 in San Francisco and in particular Steve Jobs' keynote speech.

With just 1 day to go, the rumour mill is well and truly in full swing with hundreds of websites across the globe trying to predict what the CEO will say, announce and launch.

The most common rumour is that the company will use the announcement to launch its first computers to include Intel chips as announced last year, months ahead of Apple's original target date.

Websites from to CNN to BussinessWeek are suggesting rumours on everything from an Intel based Mac mini to the demise of the iPod Shuffle.

In an interview with the money website Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies said "They [Apple] try to roll out (new products) at a pace where just as you're catching your breath with the last one you get whacked with the next one."

Blogging site

believes that a new version of iLife, Apple's multimedia package including iPhoto and iTunes is on the cards, but this time with FrontRow support so you can turn your Apple Mac into a media center for the television.

The site also believes that Steve Jobs could be about to launch a video streaming version of its Airport Express with AirTunes so you can watch hi-def video from your computer on your television without the need to have them in the same room.

Other sites online have focused on rumours that the iPod Shuffle will be discontinued in favour of 1Gb and 2Gb versions of Apple's new MP3 player, the iPod nano.

Pocket-lint's predictions are that the Steve Jobs will use the keynote to expand the iTunes Movie downloads for other locations other than the US, such as the UK and parts of Europe, as well as, launching a bigger screened iPod video with a landscape screen and of course Intel-powered iBooks.

Steve Jobs will be giving his keynote speech on Tuesday January 10 at 5:00pm GMT and Pocket-lint has been invited by Apple to attend tomorrow's special live satellite broadcast.

We will keep you posted.