With the Christmas party season upon us, iPod users will be pleased to know they can turn to Restaurant Spy's London iPod Restaurant Guide to make sure they get a decent meal in the capital.

The application, which is available in Apple's download section online for free, rates 300 odd restaurants in London, Kent and East Sussex and lists them by location, cuisine, price and rating.

Restaurant Spy is a site written by members of the general public, who go out to eat unannounced, pay for their own meals and submit reviews to the website.

The site claims to be the fastest-growing independent restaurant review site in the country that has a loyal and growing international readership.

Any restaurateurs hoping to get in their favour will be disappointed to hear they don't take bribes, never write puff pieces and admit sometimes they do get it wrong.

To use the software you must have Mac OS X 10.1 or later and an iPod with a display.