Apple has used today to launch a new iMac. The new models promised three new features

The first is that the new model promises to be even thinner than the previous model.

“The new 20in is smaller than the old 17in” said Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple.

The second is that it will include Apple's webcam - the iSight within the model at the top of the model so you can do video conferencing straight out of the box.

Apple has also introduced a new application called PhotoBooth which will take a picture of you sitting at your machine. The application, which is very basic comes with all the Apple fan-fare that is no doubt likely to impress new consumers to the range. In addition to taking your photo you can apply a number of different effects from thermal to distortion.

Perhaps hoping Jobs said “Light tunnel is really good if you want to play God”.

The third feature is called Front Row. The application adds a remote control to the unit which spells the beginning of Apple's entry into the home media center market.

The application which works in a similar way to switching logins on Apple's OS 10.4. The system allows users to access iTunes, iPhoto, the iMac's DVD player and iMovie HD via the remote to watch from your sofa on the computer's screen.

The application will also allow you to access the latest movie trailers via the Apple QuickTime site.