Although the whole world is waiting for a bigger announcement of either a video iPod or iTunes mobile phone, Apple has announced that its iTunes Music Store in the UK has become the number one store dominating a massive 80 percent of the market place according to the Official Charts Company (OCC).

The company also announced that it has the largest music catalogue in the UK offering 1.7m tracks for download and piping Napster by 100,000 tracks.

The news comes a day after Napster bravely announced details of its users. According to the once illegal site turned good, it now has 750,000 registered users, 80% of which are over 25 years-old. Over the last 15 months its customers have downloaded or streamed 55m tracks from its 1.6m track catalogue.

Apple is expected to launch either an iTunes mobile phone in conjunction with Motorola or a video iPod later today.

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