The week ahead could be a big one for Apple and hardware announcements if the rumour sites have it right. All seem to be promising new iBooks, and new variants of the Mac mini. is it pitching for three new Mac mini and two new iBook models. The site believes the Mac Mini models will be priced at $499, $599, and $699 in America and the two new iBooks at $999 and $1,299 price points.

Thinksecret another Apple Mac rumour site in the States, is also reporting it has the inside track on both the Mac mini and two iBook lines sometime in the next seven days. The site goes one step further suggesting that the new $699 priced Mac mini will feature AirPort Extreme, BlueTooth, and SuperDrive as standard, while the mid-range model is expected to come with AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth. adds to the iBook rumours by implying that the new iBook models may be widescreen with its readers questioning further rumours of who would want a PowerBook if the iBook did go this route.

Finally The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) fuel the rumours further, by suggesting that Motorola maybe ready to show off its new iTunes phone at its Annual Financial Analyst Meeting on Monday 25 July.

We will keep you posted.