Apple has updated its iTunes software to iTunes 4.8 however the element turning heads is the introduction and support of video (quicktime) as well as songs.

This feature is demonstrated in the Feel Good Inc single by Gorillaz, which was used in the most recent iPod Ad (Rollerskating).

The videos for this particular artist are provided with the album purchase only and are not available for individual purchase. Purchasing the album provides you with 4 short .mp4 videos. These particular videos are 480x272 pixels, 30FPS with 44kHz audio.

Gorillaz aren't the only band to get the video treatment with Morcheeba, Dave Matthews Band and the Thievery Corporation also getting in on the act.

It seems that the video is currently only available as an added bonus to buying albums rather than on their own, however it does open up the possibility of video downloading from the store in the near future.