Apple looks again to Pepsi to provide some extra fizz to its iTunes store in America as the two companies plan to offer up to 200 million free songs in a promotion that starts at the end of January.

Users in will be given the chance to win one free music track in special bottles of Pepsi. When winners redeem a free song, they will also be entered in a drawing for a free silver iPod Mini. Pepsi will give away one iPod Mini every hour during the promotion, roughly 1,700 iPod Minis in all across the promotion.

It's not the first time the two companies have teamed up. Last year a similar promotion was run in a giveaway of a 100 million free songs, however with delays and problems only 5 million songs were redeemed.

According to the small print on Apple's website, the promotion will kick off at midnight Jan. 31. Entries in the iPod Mini giveaway need to be made by 11 April 2005 and songs redeemed by 23 May 2005. There is a limit of 10 free song redemptions per day and a total of 200 for the overall promotion.