The 19-year-old student who runs the Mac enthusiast website say he will struggle to afford the future legal costs of going up against the mighty Apple.

In a David versus Goliath moment, Nicholas Ciarelli, a Harvard student is hoping that a Lawyer in shining armour will ride into to save the day.

In the meantime a petition has been started on the web pleading with Apple to drop the case.


online petition

which at the time of writing has gained over 364 signatures states:

“We implore Apple to withdraw legal action against 19-year old student Nicholas Ciarelli and his Web site, Think Secret. We urge all sides in the dispute to seek an alternative way to resolve their problem, and beg Apple not to value its corporate interest above the first amendment rights of journalists to report information. Surely in this case Think Secret has served to draw attention to Apple's new products, helping to generate massive publicity. This is a David and Goliath fight, we implore Apple not to use its power against an individual that has so little power with which to defend themself.”

Apple filed court documents against earlier this month, siting that recent postings on the site contained Apple trade secrets about the then yet to be launced

Mac Mini


The lawsuit aims to identify who is leaking the information and to get an injunction preventing further release of trade secrets.

Harvard University student Nicholas Ciarelli, who calls himself Nick dePlume online, runs Ciarelli is not named as a defendant in the Apple lawsuit.