Steve Jobs' Keynote speech may have answered a lot of questions and put a stop to the plethora of rumours circulating the web in the last couple of months, but they opened up a whole load more.

First off is the presence of Sony's President, Kunitake Ando, at the Keynote in San Francisco and comments made that suggested the two companies maybe working on delivering a device together?

"We [Sony] make great hardware, you [Apple] make great software" said Ando

Whether it would be in the home entertainment or the HD recording arena its hard to tell, but the fact that the president was there and more importantly Steve Jobs was willing to share the stage him to us suggests something must be up.

Another rumour is that Apple will over the course of the next year announce that it will be backing the Blu-ray disc format created by Sony. Jobs' wasn't shy in stating that he believed 2005 was the year for HD. Throughout Jobs' speech there was plenty of mentions and nods to Sony even to Blu-ray itself, but nothing of Toshiba's HD DVD format.

Now in all fairness this may have been part of the proviso of getting Ando onto the stage, something which Microsoft had failed to do only the week before, but if Apple where to adopt the format over HD DVD it would certainly be a boost for the Blu-ray camp and mean that with Hewlett Packard and Sony's own PlayStation3 using the format there would be a strong chance of winning through as the choice for data.

Other rumours that surfaced at the keynote and subsequent demonstrations was now that we have seen a stripped down Mac, when are we going to see a stripped down display to accompany it.

We'll keep you posted.