Alongside Apple's hardware announcements at Steve Jobs keynote speech in San Francisco Apple also announced three new software packages. Final Cut Express HD, iLife 05 and a new word processing package bundled with keynote 2 - iWork.

iLife 05 still major overhauls in all the five packages included:

iPhoto comes with more formats, more editing choices, better searching, all new books and book design, as well as the ability to sort pictures into project folders. The software also adds Key word tag search, calendar view, supports Mpeg4 and RAW formats. The software has also increased its editing features such as exposure control, straighten and contrast settings.

iMovie has been made to be faster, support MPEG-4 video, more transitions, non destructive trimming, Magic iMove (does everthing for you) as well as being HD compatible.

iDVD updates itself with new animated drop zones, one step DVD creation, more support for dvd recording formats.

GarageBand now offers a new theme - orchestra instruments. Up to 8 track recording, real-time music notation, pitch and timing fixing, recorded tracks flexible, your own loops, Vocal transformer

iLife 05 will retail for £49.

iWork is the successor to Apple Works. And aside from including a new version of keynote will also include Pages a Word processing app to go up against Word. Apple is hoping that the inclusion of over 40 pre installed templates will appeal to the consumers. It will retail for £49.