BandAid's “Do They Know it's Christmas” single went on sale today in the UK, however iTunes users hoping to download a copy will be hard pushed to find it on the online music store.

Apple will be the only music store refusing to sell the new single because it would mean altering its pricing policy from 79p per single to £1.49 per single.

In response, BandAid was unwilling to drop its price to 79p for the online site and a stalemate was produced.

However those looking to download the track can do so from MSN. Sony, Napster and even Tesco's online stores.

This latest reincarnation of the 1984 charity hit 'Do They Know it's Christmas?' features a new line-up of pop stars including Robbie Williams, Sugababes, Dido and Coldplay's Chris Martin.

The single is expected to chart at number one this weekend and still be number one over the Christmas weekend