Apple has announced a new wireless device called the AirPort Express with AirTunes. The unit is the world's first mobile 802.11g base station and looks for all intents and purposes like a power adapter.

The device works by plugging into the wall and then connecting to your Apple Mac via the wireless network. The difference however to this over other wireless devices currently available from Apple is the addition of a USB socket so you can connect a USB printer to share across the network and the ability to connect it to a stereo so you can play your iTunes tracks.

AirPort Express with AirTunes allows you to bring your iTunes music into any room. All you have to do is connect your sound system to the audio port on the AirPort Express Base Station using an audio cable. iTunes then automatically detects the connection of your remote speakers, so you just have to select them in the popup list that appears at the bottom of the iTunes window and click play. The device will also act as a wireless bridge to expand your home Wi-Fi network.

The AirPort Express AirTunes will be available in the UK next month and it will cost £99 slightly more than the suggested conversion rate would imply against the American price of $129.