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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is finally adding multi-stop routing to its Maps app through iOS 16, meaning users will have the option to add more than just a starting point and a destination. 

As evidenced in the public beta version of the upcoming smartphone software, Apple Maps now supports up to 15 stops in advance, and can automatically sync routes from Mac to iPhone. 

It's not just multiple stopping points that can be previewed and followed, either, with Apple also adding transit information. If your journey involved public transport, this means you'll be able to see fare fees and even view and top up transit cards in Wallet from within the Maps app.

But how do you actually use the key addition here? Well, at least based on the current pre-release of iOS 16, here's how to add multiple stops to your route on Apple Maps.

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  • Open Apple Maps
  • Add your start point and destination
  • Under the Directions tab, tap on 'Add Stop' and then include the location details
  • This stop will then be added to the bottom of your list - move it by holding the three-line icon and drag it into the correct position
  • If you decide to delete a stop from your route plan, simply swipe to the left

As you would expect, the map will change every time you add a new stop - much like it does in Google Maps - and will also include information on the approximate travel times between each stop you've added.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Britta O'Boyle.