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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is reportedly planning to update the iPhone's Health app this year with improved sleep tracking and a way to remind people to take their medication. It is also considering adding a body temperature sensor to Apple Watch in the coming months, and it's still developing a blood pressure monitor.

According to Bloomberg, the new medication feature would let you scan pill bottles and track when you took the medication. However, not all planned features will be available at launch. Apple may announce the feature, perhaps even at WWDC 2022, but it might not actually arrive until a later date.

As for the body temperature sensor, it could help upgrade fertility tracking features on the Apple Watch. Body temperature changes in a menstrual cycle can help predict when someone might get their period or determine when their ovulation window is happening - similar to other fertility tracking devices.

The blood pressure monitor is different from the body temperature sensor.

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It likely won't arrive for the Apple Watch until 2024, Bloomberg reported. It's expected to be useful for tracking cardiac health. But it may need work before a worldwide rollout. Apple hopes to use the feature to alert users of high blood pressure. Bloomberg said the company is currently running trials on employees.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.