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(Pocket-lint) - Apple Music might be getting a new companion app, according to datamined details in the beta of iOS 15.5 - and it's focussed on classical music.

New confirmation messages have been found asking if users are happy to play tracks "In Apple Classical", which is described as a "new app optimized for classical music".

This sounds like a pretty clear indication that Apple's going to add its own classical music app for those who want a more focussed experience, and that's not a huge surprise given it bought Primephonic last year, just such an app.

Doing so without a clear goal would have been a bit surprising, so it looks like you can expect Apple's own take on the Primephonic experience to arrive at some point. Exactly what those optimisations will mean for the user will be interesting to find out, too.

Of course, there's nothing guaranteeing when the new app might release, with Apple typically playing things pretty close to its chest.

We could get an announcement around the app at WWDC 2022, which is taking place in June, but shouldn't rule out the possibility that Apple will just release the app when it's ready, whether that's with momentous timing or not.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.